ACTION Week 51: Fund CHIP NOW!


I am calling to urge Senator / Congressman XXX to work to guarantee federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Millions of kids and parents depend on CHIP for health insurance.


Senator Duckworth (202) 224 2854
Senator Durbin (202) 224 2152
Congressman Davis (202) 225 5006


It’s been 100 days since Congress let CHIP funding lapse, and millions of families who rely on it to help keep their kids insured are terrified. Although the funding was temporarily extended through March, many states will run out of funds sooner if nothing is done. Colorado, Virginia, and Connecticut are already sending out notices to families to prepare to lose CHIP support in the next couple of months.

Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus, a child advocacy group, said Congress should have known its short-term funding plan was not enough. “The math never worked on the patch, as it only bought a few weeks," he said. "Congress must get this finalized before Jan. 19.”

We need our representatives in Congress to fight for our neighbors who depend on this essential program for their kids.