ACTION Week 54 & 55:
URGENT! Protect The Russia Investigation NOW!

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I urge Senator/Congressman XXXX to support bipartisan legislation that would protect a special counselor from inappropriate interference by the president and to vigorously support and defend Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in his role as supervisor of the Mueller investigation.


Senator Duckworth (202) 224 2854
Senator Durbin (202) 224 2152
Congressman Davis (202) 225 5006


Trump has fired, or tried to fire, every person who has had a leadership role in the Russia investigation including Robert Mueller. Yesterday (Monday), we learned that Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, has been forced out of his job. We also learned that a bogus memo written by congressional Republicans, which maligns Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and contains classified information, will be released in an effort to justify his firing.

Rosenstein is the last person who is protecting the Mueller investigation.

If he goes, the Trump appointee who will replace him will kill it.

We can't sit idly by and let this happen.

Please, call your representatives and demand they fight! The Mueller investigation is hanging on by a thread!