ACTION Week July 15, 2019:
STOP Illegal ICE Activity!

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I am a constituent of Senator/Congressperson xxxx, and I’d like to leave the Senator/Congressperson a message. I’m deeply concerned about reports of ICE agents breaking into people’s homes and pulling people out of their cars without presenting a warrant or identification. They seem to be operating completely outside of any oversight or law. My community is being terrorized by this behavior. I urge xxxx to use the full power of his/her office to stop these outrageous, illegal actions by ICE.

Target (click the phone icon to call on your mobile device)

Senator Duckworth (202) 224 2854
Senator Durbin (202) 224 2152
Congressman Davis (202) 225 5006

The time for silent outrage is over. You can make a difference! We must to speak out now to demand an end to the inhumane treatment of undocumented people at our border.