ACTION Week Dec 16, 2019:
Vote NO on the federal budget proposal!

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Script (from our friends at PASO)

"Hello, my name is __________________ and I live in Illinois, zip code __________. I am calling about the upcoming federal budget vote that is happening tomorrow. It is critical that you/the congressperson do not vote for a budget that gives more funds to immigration agencies that are right now committing acts of terror against immigrants, children and families in detention, refugees, and people seeking asylum. The Trump administration should not receive a single dollar more for detention centers or for the MPP program that requires that people seeking asylum remain in Mexico. The administration should also not have the ability to move funds from one agency to another to satisfy the president’s racist and anti-immigration agenda. Thank you for your time."

Target (click the phone icon to call on your mobile device)

Senator Duckworth (202) 224 2854
Senator Durbin (202) 224 2152
Congressman Davis (202) 225 5006

The United States is sending people to die under the so-called Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), otherwise known as the Remain in Mexico program. MPP was announced by the Trump Administration in December 2018. The program directs Customs & Border Protection (CBP) to deny entry to refugees coming through the Southern border seeking protection from harm and persecution. As a result of MPP, the United States, complicit with Mexico, has created a refugee crisis at its Southern border.

For more information, please read PASO's report:

The Atrocity that is the Migrant Protection Protocols